UK engineering – stronger than ever

UK engineering - stronger than ever
UK engineering – stronger than ever

A country’s engineering sector is central to ensuring its economic growth and the UK is no exception. The country’s engineering sector generates revenues of over £1 trillion each year and employs more than five million people across different industries and enterprises. It plays a leading role in tackling challenges such as climate change, food, energy, or water security as well as challenges encountered in biodiversity and the health sector.

The engineering sector in the UK is growing at a remarkable pace and offers a diverse range of employment opportunities for electrical, chemical, mechanical, civil and computer engineers, just to mention a few. The sector covers a wide variety of industries ranging from the automotive and aerospace industries to the information and communication industries plus the energy and medical industries. All these industries are experiencing varying degrees of growth, both within the country and globally.

In order to keep up with global competition and to guide the country’s economy away from banking and towards manufacturing, the UK’s engineers are expected to come up with and take advantage of emerging technology and innovations.

Traditional engineering industries such as metalworking, car manufacturing and other process sectors have long served as important areas for the economy. Nowadays however, the future of engineering lies in developing more high-value products using the latest technology. Companies involved in the various engineering industries have already incorporated these new methods into their daily operations.

Competing with the world

Focusing on specific emerging industries gives a better idea of how the UK’s engineering sector is performing compared to the rest of the world.

The aerospace industry in the UK is one of the most robust in the world. It makes use of advanced aerospace technologies and electronics to give important information on the earth’s climate (and the ways and reasons for its changes) as well as being an avenue for exploration and scientific discoveries. Air transportation is also a part of this sector with companies such as Boeing and Airbus leading the way. Part of this industry’s success lies in hiring the most qualified people to run its operations. For instance, the announcement “Sir Nigel Rudd joins Meggitt board” was recently made. Coming from BBA Aviation, Mr Rudd’s experience in the aerospace industry is expected to be put to good use in his new position.

The automotive industry is another vibrant part of the engineering sector in the UK. Backed by engineering expertise, this industry is leading the rest of the world in the development of energy-efficient, low-carbon vehicles along with electric cars. Biomedical engineering in the country has also grown in recent years allowing it to carve a niche in the development of assistive technology and other medical devices. Furthermore, the UK is a force to be reckoned with in the renewable energy sector, with companies such as Scottish Power and Vestas creating opportunities for engineers and technicians.

It is clear that the UK’s engineering sector shows no sign of slowing down soon. Fuelled by government investment coupled with the latest innovations, new technologies, market demand and skilled labour, this sector will continue to be a key pillar of the economy for years to come.

Car Insurance Quotes In UK

Car Insurance QuotesAll of us want to save money wherever we can. When it comes to buying insurance of any type, be it car insurance or home insurance, we tend to become all the more frugal and want the cheapest quotes before signing on the dotted line.

It is however important to understand that we can facilitate the process and make it easier for the car insurance provider to give us the cheapest quotes. This is much better than asking them to provide their best quotes. You can rest assured they would be unable to do so in the absence of some specific information that they would require from you.

So what are the factors that influence you getting the cheapest car insurance quotes in UK?

• The first one pertains to your driving licence. You need to inform them about any speeding tickets or points you may have gathered over the past 5 years. If your record is a clean one, you will get the best quotes.

• If you have not claimed any insurance then you can get a discount of up to 75% and though normally, insurance companies look at the last 5 years for this, there are many who look beyond and up to even 8 years.

• The registration numbers of your vehicle as well as any modifications you may have carried out to your vehicle are also considered. Insurance companies do not look at modifications excepting if they are for security too favourably.

• If you plan to include other drivers in addition to your own self, then you need to provide those details as well.

• The insurance group into which your car is placed also determines the premium quote. If your car is placed in a lower group, the premium quote would be cheaper. It therefore makes sense to downgrade your vehicle and take this benefit. It is the high performance vehicles that are placed in higher groups and insurers have to pay much higher payouts to these vehicles. The grouping of vehicles is done by the Group Rating Panel which consists of members of the Association of British Insurers and Lloyds Market Association. The data to them is provided by Thatcham, which is a group that does research about which of the vehicles are safe, efficient and would not cost much for repair.

There are other factors like age, the parking location of your car that also determine car insurance quotes in UK.

Successful in sport, success in business?

Sports Business Success
Sports Business Success

Success in sport often seems to translate to success in business as there are a number of notable sporting figures that have been able to translate their sporting prowess into success in a seemingly very different field. So how does sporting success correlate into being a success in the world of business? One of the answers to this question is teamwork. Teamwork is vital to sportsmen, whether they are playing in teams or have a strong team supporting them in their individual pursuits, and the same is true when it comes to business. Entrepreneurs who try to achieve success single-handedly have a tendency to fall flat on their faces, but those who have previously succeeded in the world of sports know only too well how important teamwork is to individual success.

Being aware of the importance of having a mentor can also play a big part in success in both sports and business. It does not matter how experienced you become, having a mentor that you can turn to for help and advice is always a good idea in sport, and when it comes to business it can be the difference between a businessperson who is promising and one who actually becomes a big success. Qualities that a person who wishes to be a success in sport or in business need to have includes determination and resilience, as well a sense of purpose and pride.

Nothing is certain in this world, and success can be followed by failure at any time, as with what happened to F1 driver Jules Bianchi – see Max Mosley’s comments on the incident here Max Mosley has been successful as a driver in Formula One but has also seen success behind the scenes on the business side of F1. Mosley is a past president of the FIA and was well known for his work towards road safety in motorsport during his time of leadership.

The U.K has a number of other notable sports/business success stories; the Premier League has seen major changes over the past twenty years and there are a number of English football clubs that have become synonymous with for their business acumen. Clubs such as Tottenham Hotspur and Everton have become particularly well known for smart transfer policies with the respective boards, both clubs run a tight ship on monies going out and looking to make a pretty penny with player resale values. Anyone who enters into the world of sport or business who believes that they will find success instantaneously will inevitably be very quickly disappointed; perseverance is the key to success in both fields.

As you can see, there are many ways that a person can be successful in the transition from sport to a business person because of the interconnected needs of different qualities.

Home office layouts: Designing a perfect place to prosper


Office-furniture-1 (1)When working from home – even part time – having a separate office space makes a big difference.  Not only is it a quiet space away from children and pets it also provides a clear dividing line between work and domestic life, keeping work from intruding into personal and family time.  It also creates a space where all the things likely to be needed are immediately to hand, and when it’s well designed it is somewhere that the user can feel completely comfortable.

Designing from scratch

Sometimes room is limited for a home office, and it is often necessary to adapt a space that would not usually be considered for such a use. In some homes, it is just a cupboard under the stairs; in others, it’s a box room where everything has to be carefully planned to optimise the use of available space.  If clients are to meet at your house, a suitable will be needed.  A dining room can function as a conference room, or a lounge with a coffee table and sleek brown leather sofas on either side can create a more modern and relaxing yet equally professional environment.  If the extra space available is only small, a leather accent chair is ideal for making visitors feel welcome.

Some individuals hesitate to use colours in offices but there’s really no need to.  A single feature wall in a strong colour can look dramatic and will give the room real character.  Deep red is perfect for a traditional look, blue creates a calm atmosphere and light green or orange can really energise a room.  Whichever colours are chosen, it is also important to make the most of any available natural light.  Blinds or wooden window shutters offer a good way to adjust for different light levels, allowing windows to be completely uncovered on dull days and protecting computer screens from glare on days when sunlight is strong.

Storage solutions

Every home office needs good storage.  For offices where reference books are needed, sturdy shelves are a must, but nothing really beats the traditional filing cabinet for flexibility. Filing cabinets are available in many different colours and styles to complement virtually any office design.

Smart storage reaches from floor to ceiling.  Ottomans are great for combining storage with seating, and they also provide a step for reaching items stored at height.  Everything that’s needed on a frequent basis should be stored within arm’s reach of the desk, or at arm height when seated, so it can be reached from a rolled-back chair.  Items like the telephone, printer and scanner should all be close to the desk, on a side table if necessary.

Office essentials

Choosing the right size of desk is essential; it should provide plenty of storage, preferably with a lockable drawer for sensitive documents.  Also vital is a good chair that provides proper back support.  It is really worth investing in high quality furniture that’s built to last and will make you comfortable whilst you work.

Cheap Car Insurance In UK

cheap car insurance

When looking for cheap car insurance in UK, you may wonder why would you need car insurance in the first place.

Well, this insurance provides protection to your vehicle, passengers of the car and others who may get involved in a road accident. The protection extended is financial compensation so as to cover damages to the vehicle, any other property, for injuries to passengers and pedestrians. The protection can be extended to also cover theft, damage from any fire and so on. Car insurance is mandatory as per the Road Traffic Act 1988 and therefore you cannot choose not to have any car insurance.

Now that we have clarified that issue, let us look at how you can get cheap car insurance in UK. You can get it based on certain factors that are within your control and some that are not. Car insurance providers look at the following to determine the quote. They are as under:

a) Age of the driver. This is something that is not in your control and if you are young, you would have to pay a higher premium. That is because statistically, young drivers have caused more accidents and insurance companies have been paying more compensation for the younger age group. They would therefore like to protect their interests adequately and thus charge a higher premium for young drivers.
b) The driving record of the driver. Now this is very much within your control and as long as you do not have points gathered for any driving conviction or on the licence, you can expect a better premium quote from the insurer as you would be considered relatively less risky to them.
c) History of previous claims. Here again insurers would reward those who have not made any claims in the past through the no-claims discount offer. This too is well within your control.
d) Ability to paying a higher excess. This too is something you can control as the excess payment for any claim you have made needs to be paid by you. The insurer will then reward you with a lower quote for your next premium.
e) Security devices installed. If you have put in place certain high-tech security devices like a immobilizer in your car, you will be able to drastically cut down on the insurance premium cost as the insurer gets the confidence your vehicle cannot be easily stolen.

The above though are only some of the factors that can influence the costing of your car insurance premium.